Gloom, Despair, and Agony On Me…

This has not exactly been my week. If I’d known how it was going to go, I would have crawled in bed after seeing Wall-E (far and away the best thing that’s happened to me all week) and come out only to hit the snooze alarm.

I volunteered to help a co-worker finish a massive project, and through no fault of hers, it’s sucking up my free time, my patience, and my will to live;

Spike ran out the front door today, and when I leaned over to scoop him up, I threw my back out for the first time in 6 years. I had to crawl — literally this time — back in the house, and it took me 10 minutes to get vertical. I have 5 pain pills left on this batch and I’m considering taking them all, washed down with a swig of Corona. Also, when I can move enough to catch Spike, I’m considering swinging him around by his tail until he’s dizzy and then flinging him out into the yard;

On top of that I’m getting a rerun of yesterday’s migraine;

I have to pay the rent and I’m curious as to what my landlord would say if I called him and said, “Hi, can you come over and get the check? By the way, it’ll only be good because it’s covered by my overdraft protection. And the reason I can’t bring it to you is I can’t walk and anyway I’m on painkillers.”

Also, I’m worried my adored Roger Federer is going to get beaten by his rival this weekend at Wimbledon. There. I said it.

As far as good news… well, Wall-E, like I said, is extraordinary. Back down to earth (snicker), there’s a two-day Twilight Zone marathon on the SciFi channel, so I’ll be entertained while immobile.

Anyway, happy holiday weekend to everybody else!


18 Responses to “Gloom, Despair, and Agony On Me…”

  1. Poor Tigereye! You want me to come over and swing your cat for you? I’ll take your rent check for you, too… (but only if I get to swing the cat)

  2. But I wanna swing the cat. Why don’t you go see WALL-E Jacks?

  3. I bet I can swing the cat while watching Wall-E. Try doing that, Wanda.

  4. No you can’t, ’cause you’ll be busy snuffling. Also, your pet roach went to live with him. And besides, he’s MY cat now, Tigereye said so.

  5. madamedonna Says:

    I all for flinging the cat through the air. I like to see fur fly.

  6. I would like to see someone take the proverbial tiger (or Spike) by the tail.

  7. tigereye Says:

    Yep — I told LFC I was going to stick stamps all over him and drop him in the mail with her address scratched into his collar. Boy, THAT’LL make some poor postal worker’s day.

  8. Isn’t the US Postal Service beleaguered enough??

  9. pandemonic Says:

    Bummer, Tigereye. Where’s that boyfriend when you need him the most?

  10. Poor Tigereye!

    Give the poor cat a break. He was, after all, just being a cat. You know you love him.

    Enjoy the marathon, and feel better soon.

  11. At least you have ME to look forward to, right? 🙂

  12. I say that kind of stuff to people all the time. Nothing like a little TMI to keep the schmucks out of my life.

    … and about swinging the cat – he may barf or something. One more thing you’d have to bend over and clean up.

    Feel better soon!

  13. Not if you swing him outside.

  14. TheOtherIvy Says:

    Yikes. Hope you are feeling better now.

  15. Ummm…so I know I’m a big loser and stuff now, but why didn’t you tell me you were heading north??? No stop in DC on the way back??? Hmm???

    Much love for the pain darlin. Where’s the bf when you need him? I’m sure Spike didn’t mean it…

  16. bigcocky Says:

    Next up, Hancock.

  17. Pay no attention to that cripkitty above.

  18. What’s that Ina???? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm???? No love for the crippled kitty??? She loves Spike, he’s a crippled kitty, MUCH LOVE FOR THE CRIPKITTY!!!!

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