June 4, 1919

I didn’t know what today was, either, until I read about it at www.jezebel.com, but it’s the anniversary of the 19th Amendment’s passage. If it wasn’t for this day in history, I wouldn’t be able to vote. (For anybody.)

Voting has always been a Big Deal in my family. I remember being 6 years old and asking both my parents if they’d hold me up so I could punch the card for Jimmy Carter. I did it again four years later, standing on my own two feet, although it didn’t work as well that time. In junior high, I was one of less than ten — no, I swear to God I’m not exaggerating — Democrats at an extremely affluent consolidated school (I was one of the broke-ass kids, which helps keep the chip firmly glued to my shoulder more than 20 years later), and one of three who volunteered to debate on Mondale’s behalf in Civics class. The Reagan kids yawned and adjusted their designer clothes while we gave our arguments. But I’ll try to be a little less partisan, although it goes against everything I am.

My point is, I’ve always voted. My parents have always voted. My grandparents, all three that I knew, always voted. My grandmother and I have both worked the polls on election day and during various primaries, and let me tell you, if you haven’t done it, that is some of the most exhausting work I’ve ever done — next time you vote, thank those senior citizen volunteers, because the first time I did that job I was 22 and it wrung me out like a cheap paper towel. And without the work of several admittedly flawed (the blatant racism of some of these women makes me cringe) but determined women, I’d not only never have voted myself, I probably wouldn’t have been able to beg my dad to pick me up so I could punch the ballot for Jimmy Carter.

I think we’ve still got a long, long, long, grueling way to go as women… but at least this was a start.


7 Responses to “June 4, 1919”

  1. Bunny Dixonjugs Is Daners' Bond Girl Name Says:

    I had no idea what today was either until jezebel told me. I thought that made me a bad woman, but I’m glad to see I’m not alone.

    Also, Jimmy Carter can do no wrong. Ever. Not in my book

  2. My boss was telling me today that his wife’s grandmother, who died last year, was vehement about the fact that women should not be allowed to vote. She would chastise any woman who voted, or even talked about it.

    But I vote my ass off.

  3. tigereye Says:

    Wish I could’ve had your boss’s grandmother-in-law’s vote along with mine, dammit!

  4. I bet you vote your ass off, too.

    My son is actually fairly disappointed that he misses this election. By less than a year, I think.

  5. Daners Isadora a.k.a. Busty St. Clair Says:

    Oh, I also forgot to mentioned I did remember it was Angelina Jolie’s birthday on the 4th before Michael K over at Dlisted told me it was. I’m pretty sure that makes me a bad person

  6. tigereye Says:

    Damn straight — we have a primary here next week and I’m freakin’ researching local Democrats for it. I don’t know if that means I’m exceptionally civic-minded or just sad, sad, sad.

  7. Daners Isadora a.k.a. Busty St. Clair Says:

    I would say go with exceptionally civic minded

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