Tagged Twice!

…By the terrific Wanda Rizzuto and the awesome Daners Isadora. So, you may ask, what took me so long?… I’m the last idiot on the internet who doesn’t know how to make a hyperlink, that’s what. But I digress. Most of you already know I’m borderline hopeless in cyberspace, and those of you who don’t will certainly figure it out fast enough, since I posted the damn links in old-fashioned idiotese. But that’s awfully negative. Think of me as Old School, ‘Cause That’s Just How I Roll.

The game is this: Go back through my archives (whoa! dude! I actually have archives!) and post links to the following favorite posts:

1. About family: this will explain a lot about me.

The Great Christmas Tree Theft of 1989


 2. About friends. Well, close enough:

Spike: An Introduction


3. About myself. Well, as you might imagine, this was a tough one. Here’s the side of me I chose to highlight:

Five Great Places to Pick a Fight


4. Something I love. I almost chose politics, but y’all will see enough of that in the next few months, so I picked another favorite pastime:

The Last College Football Post My Friends Will Be Asked to Read Until August


5. Anything. This is probably my favorite post that I’ve done here:

Other Door


And I’m tagging the following cool people, ’cause I wouldn’t mind reading some more by and about them:

Anners Scribonia

Ameboid Blurry Smile



Quill Gordon

See y’all here again, I hope… If you don’t mind keeping it Old School…


6 Responses to “Tagged Twice!”

  1. (Dude. You know all of these people have already tagged each other, right?)


  2. tigereye Says:

    Damn. I tried to branch out a little. It’s because I’m very selective and I only hang out with the most interesting people.

  3. Okay, that makes THREE times I have been tagged for this same meme this week. I haven’t done it yet but I will. If anyone else wants to tag me for this one, do it now before I complete it because I ain’t doing this again!

  4. Wanda is right for once.

    But thank you for tagging me, Tigereye! Way flattered. By the way, that comment you made on Daners’ blog a while ago about Ralph Nader and the tiger sanctuary at the SF Zoo made me laugh today. Don’t ask me why I remember that comment. I think it’s because I saw a picture of Ralph Nader.

  5. pandemonic Says:

    My Internet Boyfriend gets tagged three times. Well, he has three times the stories.

    As for me, I’m going to ignore any more tags. I’m tired.

  6. tigereye Says:

    Hey, what can I say? I have cool friends.

    That’s my line and I’m sticking to it!

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