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Why are men so goddamned stupid? WHY?


18 Responses to “Why?!”

  1. As a man, I can’t answer that. It isn’t because of some rule forbidding the telling of our secrets. It’s that I don’t know. That’s part of the nature of the stupidity.

    I’ve often wondered why women think we can figure things out. I have no answer to that either.

  2. Because they’re not women.

  3. Daners Isadora Says:

    Wanda you stole my answer. I shoulda got in here sooner….dammit.

    Brill answer, Corina 🙂

  4. tigereye Says:

    I can’t decide if I want to become a nun or just more of a mean bitch.

  5. Anners Scribonia Says:

    Because they have oui ouis.

    * Wanda steals a whole slew of things, Daners. Watch out for her and don’t EVER let her near your man.

    * Corina, that was brill!

  6. Anners Scribonia Says:

    Tigerye: You can do both!

  7. tigereye Says:

    Hey, cool! A vote of confidence!

    Corina, I’m going to write that line on either the wall or one of my less public pieces of furniture, and remind myself of the answer in the future.

  8. No way I’m topping Corina’s answer, so I’ll ask the obvious question.

    What did the fancy J guy do, this time?

  9. tigereye Says:

    Since he never comes here, I’ll feel free to say he just acted like a mega-asshole.

  10. pandemonic Says:

    Why? They can’t help it. That’s why.

    Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

  11. Daners Isadora Says:

    Ha, I thought you should know someone trampled along my site by typing in ‘tigereye ego’. Made me laugh

  12. jojovtx1800 Says:

    It is the balance of nature- much like yin and yang. We were given a penis, which is one of the most spectacular creations ever. With it we are able to create life- and pee standing up. But the drawback is not being able to think clearly, or very far in advance while in posession of the penis. It gets worse with an erection due to the loss of blood to the upper extremities, mostly the brain, and well- face it, we are horny 90% of the time. And hungry the rest of the time, sooooo…..

    Please go easy on us, we are easily distracted by boobs and shiny things, but we do love you, and we mean well. 🙂

  13. I have the same question today, but about women.

  14. Thanks for explaining, Jojo. 😉

    Try very hard to remember his redeeming qualities, Tigereye. I know sometimes he makes it tough, but it seems he did have a few.

  15. tigereye Says:

    Jeez, I have no idea what I think about “tigereye ego.” I wonder if that was John?

  16. Good grief.

    Do you want a little tutorial on IP address figuring out to see if it was him?

  17. tigereye Says:

    Nah, not really. I was just fooling around — I don’t think he comes here anymore. We’d’ve already had an argument about this post if he had.

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