Please — Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out

Well, Mitt Romney is gone and I won’t miss him.

As far as I’m concerned, this guy was the Republican equivalent of Dennis Kucinich: the epitome of everything I dislike about his political party. He’s obscenely rich and spent part of every speech dwelling on it, something even Ross Perot had the decency to avoid. On top of this, he railed on about tax cuts for the rich as if he’d starve without them, and then made it clear that he didn’t give a damn if the poor did starve — it would be their own fault, wouldn’t it?

I’ve never really seen a Republican standard-bearer as proud of his party’s more despicable beliefs than Romney. Man oh man, he’s for the war: for your kids, poor folks, not his. His kids were, I believe the phrase goes, “serving their country by working in this campaign.” How noble of them. If he’d become president, I suppose this means I could count 1992 as a year of service to my country, since I spent it working for Bill Clinton’s first campaign. Then again, I’m poor, so I don’t think in Romney’s America I could count for anything.

His was the most bitter, whining concession speech I’ve ever heard, and it was followed by the bitter whining of the whacko wing of the Republican party, all those small minds and enormous egos gathered in one room at the conservative PAC meeting yesterday, most of them wailing in chorus about being stuck with John McCain. This was such a repugnant batch of people, they’re willing to turn their backs on one of the most decent men in their party. Well, do whatever you want, Republicans — I’ve never understood it, and if you’re the kind of people who genuinely want a craven egomaniac like Mitt Romney to run this country into the ground, I’ll never care, either.

At least now the extremes of both parties are out of the way, because as I’ve said, I have no more use for an egotistical wingnut like Kucinich either. I suppose it’s good for the country that we’ll let anyone run for president, because we invariably shove them aside, but then again, it’s like turning over rocks in a garden and getting a good look at the vile, squirming insects that live beneath them. I’ve had my good look. Now Romney can go away for — hey, this will be the first time anyone ever says these words about him! — four more years.


6 Responses to “Please — Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out”

  1. Amen, sister! But you forgot to mention his shameless flip-flopping, which for some reason they found so distasteful in John Kerry.

  2. Oh, but it’s OK if a Republican does it, as long as that Republican isn’t John McCain. I’m learning their rules. It’s kind of like watching one of those ape reality shows on Animal Planet.

  3. Wait a minute – you dislike Romney? I was unaware of that until this moment.

  4. pandemonic Says:

    They all flip flop. I hate them all. Can’t we get a computer to run the country?

  5. I think Pan has one of the best ideas.

    They all flip flop because they all have to please everyone so they’ll get what they want when they put their hand out. All of them do it.

    That’s one of the inherent problems with the system. People think that the person elected for the position will have all the power to do what he/she wants to do. That’s not the case. It all goes through a process and if that person doesn’t bow down and kiss a lot of ass, they won’t get anything done, so they all do it. They all flip flop.

  6. madamedonna Says:

    I usually avoid politics as much a poetry but I needed to make a comment just to let you know I’m around.

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