Oh… What Humanity?

Maybe I can get Michael Vick out of my head if I write about him one more time and plan for it to be the last.

Someone wrote a piece on another site, one I’m ridding myself of like an addiction, about how God will forgive you if you ask for it, and used Michael Vick’s recent “embrace” of Jesus as an example. All he has to do, it said, is ask Jesus for forgiveness and he’ll have it, so Vick is already forgiven for his sins. Period.

I don’t think that’s exactly true. I think Michael Vick is about as interested in Jesus as I’m interested in professional hockey. I think his lawyer told him it’s always a good idea, when you have to go to jail, to bring up Jesus, so that’s what he did, dropping His name during a public apology that was about as sincere as a kid’s who will be paddled if he doesn’t say he’s sorry. He meant that whole public statement about as much as I mean it when I say George W. Bush was elected. And I think anyone who took him at his word in that statement is an idiot.

It’s beyond me to imagine how anyone could do to an animal what dogfighters do to these dogs. And to any other animals they can catch, which once included my cat, but that’s a different story. Why anybody would think of this as sport is beyond me: if these guys were sportsmen they’d glove up and fight each other like men. And then to kill a dog as casually as I’d step on an ant — except more creatively. I never electrocuted or hanged or strangled an ant. I’ve drowned them, I suppose, by washing them down the sink, and damn it, the next time I do that I’m going to think of Michael Vick, electrocuting a dog for not being sufficiently vicious.

So no, I don’t think he’s sorry, and no, I don’t intend to give him the benefit of the doubt and say he’s learned a lot in that humane education class he sat through, or that he’s found God and regrets what he did. Forget it. I don’t have so much kindness in my soul that I plan to waste any on this rich, handsome, conscienceless bastard. I think if he can, he’ll get another kennel started by moving his millions around via lawyer, and out in the boonies of Virginia, small dogs and cats will start to go missing from people’s yards again, and on a clear night you’ll be able to hear pit bulls screaming from half a mile away.

I don’t want Michael Vick to find Jesus. I want him to die in jail with a shank sticking out of his neck and go straight to hell, where he belongs, so I won’t see him in any afterlife. I might change the way I feel about this one day, or he might genuinely be sorry for something other than losing his bonuses and endorsements, but the best I can do to put this sorry excuse for a human being out of my mind is to imagine him being ripped apart by dogs for all eternity.

In other words, justice for what he’s done.


11 Responses to “Oh… What Humanity?”

  1. I agree. He hasn’t found Jesus. The timing is too convenient. He needs to be punished and punished harshly.

    He’s despicable.

  2. I’m pretty sure the guy on the cross to the side of Jesus had people say his timing was convenient too–but Jesus didn’t have a problem with it. I figure if He can deal, so can I.

  3. fluffy, you are so much nicer than I am.

  4. Everybody’s nicer than me on this. If you guys knew what I’m really thinking about Vick, you’d all drop me like a hot potato before I end up on CNN.

  5. I wouldn’t drop you, tigereye.

    Yes, Vick could ask Jesus for forgiveness, and he would be forgiven, but only if his repentance is genuine. To repent means to turn away from what you’ve done and to be truly sorry for it.

    Either way his salvation is between him and God. What he did is between him and the criminal justice system. God may forgive him, but he will still suffer the consequences for what he’s done right here on earth.

    Tigereye, even the forgiven stand in judgment. I believe that at some point we completely understand the effects of the things we did or didn’t do. Which means some day he will have a perfect understanding of what he did.

    I can’t imagine a sentence harsher than that.

  6. Thanks, Shawn. I hope this will drop out of the news cycle for a while so I can get some distance from it. It’s like finding out about baby seal slaughter when I was a teenager — it’s just been haunting everything I do for a long time, and just writing this much about it upsets me.

    I’m really not as big a wussy as this makes me seem.

  7. It doesn’t make you seem like a wussy at all. You’re defending those who can’t defend themselves, and you feel their pain deeply. It takes strength not to pull away and numb yourself. I admire that in you.

    Now, I’m going to go hug my dogs.

  8. Don’t be shy– tell us how you really feel!

  9. Yeah, I need to quit holding back, huh?

  10. I’m with you on this one – let the dogs at him. It would only be fitting.

  11. antimother Says:

    I imagine what you’re thinking is similar to what I think so I’m unlikely to drop you like a hot potato.

    I think this may well bother me more because I don’t believe in God or Jesus or an afterlife. If he isn’t punished here and now, he never will be in my belief system.

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