At Random…

Tagged already by bibliomom! I’d make a link if I were slightly more computer-literate. Is it OK to just sing her praises? She’s got enough good books mentioned on her page to keep me reading for the next month. Too bad I have to get a job and mess things up.

Anyway, seven random and useless pieces of trivia about me:

1. As you can already tell from above, I’m so hopelessly ignorant about how to do stuff on my computer that I sometimes act like I’m afraid of it. “What does this button do? — OH, GOD, NO, I just erased the novel, my entire 4500-song-plus iTunes library, and spider solitaire!” Eventually I’ll pick some of this stuff up, but it probably won’t be until I absolutely have to, like after I’ve lied on a job application and said I can operate Windows Office.

2. When I worked briefly at a veterinarian’s office, I watched a root canal being performed on a 2-year-old Bengal tiger. Her canine teeth were as long as my ring fingers but thick as a man’s thumb. Her fur was much coarser than it looked, and she had a strong, gamy but not unpleasant smell that freaked Spike out when I got home.

3. Two of my closest friends died unexpectedly at the age of 42, so now whenever any of my friends turn that age, I’m a little nervous for the entire year.

4. I inadvertently taught my cat to sigh.

5. I own every Peanuts special that’s available on DVD or VHS, and watch them before the appropriate holidays. I also have a small army of Peanuts figurines in my house, although I maintain that no part of my house qualifies as “cute.” Some of the other decor keeps cuteness at bay.

6. I ask off from work on the dates of Elvis Presley’s birth and death every year. If anyone asks why, I tell them it’s a religious holiday.

7. While I’m finishing my novel, I’m also working on a memoir/nonfiction book about college football.

I think most of my homeys have been tagged, so I’ll pick on midwestocean, suzy, and shadodottir. You’re it!


8 Responses to “At Random…”

  1. I haven’t even read through number on all the way and I have to comment. Today I am sick at home and because I was bored I did an iTunes Meme with all frickin 52 of my songs. You so have to do it. This isn’t a tag at all I just want to see what comes up for you. So some day if you are bored please do it to amuse me.

  2. I saw that! I’m definitely going to do it — anything that encourages me to spend quality time with my iPod is a good one. Either later tonight or tomorrow, probably.

    I’m down-for-the-count sick, too. Nothing is helping get rid of this cold — it just swings from cough to sniffle, cough to sniffle, just enough of both to keep me self-pitying.

  3. shadodottir Says:

    Seven? Arghh.
    But #2 on your list is amazing, and #3 actually makes me grateful for being well past the Year of Doom.

  4. I could be mad at you for tagging me but I love you so I’ll just play even though I’m lost here and have indigestion.

  5. midwestocean Says:

    I’m already beyond confused on how to navigate this site…now all of you understand why it was so hard to leave the other one.

  6. At least I’m not the only one. I think I’m like someone blindfolded in an unfamiliar room, trying to set the table.

  7. Oh, yeah? Well, I’m blindfolded and hog tied while trying to set the table…and…and…polka or something.

    Yeah. That’s how lost I am.

  8. But hey, you found some of us! And no crazies, which is really, really nice.

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